Episode 130

Democratization, Gen AI, and the Future of Industrial Analytics with Seeq’s Lisa Graham


January 31st, 2024

29 mins 43 secs

Season 4

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Special Guest

About this Episode

This week’s guest is Dr. Lisa Graham, CEO of Seeq.

Dr. Graham discusses her journey from process engineer, to using Seeq’s platform as a customer, and now leading the company as CEO. Drawing on her extensive experience in operations, she discusses how advanced analytics, generative AI, and the emergence of an interoperable technology ecosystem are reshaping industries. Plus, she shares best practices for IT/OT collaboration, her vision for the future of historians, and how the democratization of data science is paving the way for a more efficient and sustainable future in operations and manufacturing.

Augmented Ops is a podcast for industrial leaders, shop floor operators, citizen developers, and anyone else that cares about what the future of frontline operations will look like across industries. This show is presented by Tulip, the Frontline Operations Platform. You can find more from us at Tulip.co/podcast or by following the show on LinkedIn. Seeq is a Tulip Technology Ecosystem Partner.