Episode 112

Humans, Robots, and the Future of Manufacturing with Anna Waldman-Brown


April 19th, 2023

40 mins 14 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

Augmented reveals the stories behind the new era of industrial operations, where technology will restore the agility of frontline workers.

In this episode, we’re speaking with Anna Waldman-Brown, PhD candidate in political economy and researcher at MIT. Our discussion dives deep into how manufacturers are automating welding processes, the role humans and robots will play in the future of the industry, and what these trends mean for small- and medium-sized enterprises in particular. We also explore the importance of collaboration between greener, tech-savvy automation engineers and the experienced shop floor operators whose skills and expertise are necessary to drive the production process.

If you like this show, subscribe at AugmentedPodcast.co. If you enjoyed this episode, you might also like Episode 92: Emerging Interfaces for Human Augmentation with Pattie Maes, or Episode 7: Work of the Future with Elisabeth Reynolds. Augmented is a podcast for industry leaders, process engineers, and shop floor operators, hosted by futurist Trond Arne Undheim and presented by Tulip.

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