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Augmented brings industrial conversations that matter, serving up the most relevant conversations on industrial tech. Our vision is a world where technology will restore the agility of frontline workers. We serve an audience of executives, industrial leaders, investors, founders, educators, technologists, academics, process engineers, and shop floor operators across the emerging field of frontline operations.

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  • Episode 114: The Industry 4.0 Journey with Scott Phillips

    May 17th, 2023  |  Season 3  |  34 mins 46 secs
    augmentation, automation, industry 4.0, manufacturing

    In this episode, Scott Phillips, founder of i4Score, joins us for a deep-dive conversation about the journey towards a data-driven culture. We discuss the three big challenges small- to medium-sized manufacturers face when trying to adopt new technology; the core principles of Industry 4.0; and how to use technology to automate, autonomize, and augment.

  • Episode 113: The Business Model of Lean with Jim Huntzinger

    May 3rd, 2023  |  Season 3  |  34 mins 26 secs
    lean, lean accounting, lean business model, lean coaching, roi, toyota production system, value stream costing

    In this episode of the Augmented podcast, we hear from Jim Huntzinger, President of Lean Frontiers. Our discussion covers the lean business model, value stream costing versus product costing, Toyota Kata, and the impact that these methodologies have on process and product development.

  • Episode 112: Humans, Robots, and the Future of Manufacturing with Anna Waldman-Brown

    April 19th, 2023  |  Season 3  |  40 mins 14 secs
    automation, industry 4.0, manufacturing, robotics, upskilling, welding, workforce

    In this installment of the Augmented podcast, we hear from Anna Waldman-Brown, a PhD candidate in political economy and researcher at MIT's Department of Urban Studies and Planning. Our discussion dives deep into automation of welding processes, the role of humans and robots in the future of manufacturing, and what these trends mean in particular for small- and medium-sized enterprises.

  • Episode 111: Operator 4.0 with David Romero

    April 5th, 2023  |  Season 3  |  43 mins 31 secs
    cognitive augmentation, human workforce, manufacturing, operator 4.0, operator independence, physical augmentation, skilled operators

    In this episode of the podcast, the topic is Operator 4.0. Our guest is David Romero, Professor of Advanced Manufacturing at Tecnológico de Monterrey University in Mexico. In this conversation, we talk about the emergence of a smart and skilled operator who is helped by cognitive and physical augmentation, how this trend emerged, and how it will shape the future where we need more resilience.

  • Episode 110: Executing on Manufacturing Technology with Jane Arnold

    March 22nd, 2023  |  Season 3  |  34 mins 14 secs
    factory operations, frontline operations, management, manufacturing, supply chain, technology, workforce

    In this episode "Executing on Manufacturing Technology" with guest is Jane Arnold, board member at and former VP of Manufacturing Technology at Stanley Black & Decker, we talk about advanced manufacturing technology, the importance of material flow, transparency, throughput, cost cutting, and captivating users with digital tools.

  • Episode 109: Augmenting Workers With Wearables with Andrew Chrostowski

    March 1st, 2023  |  Season 3  |  41 mins 51 secs
    assisted reality, future of tech, human augmentation, wearables
  • Episode 108: Lean Operations with John Carrier

    February 15th, 2023  |  Season 3  |  32 mins 52 secs
    ai, factory automation, lean, lean operations, manufacturing, manufacturing solutions, people dynamics
  • Episode 107: Explainability in AI with Julian Senoner

    February 1st, 2023  |  Season 3  |  29 mins 53 secs
    ai, explainable ai, human-ai collaboration, industry 4.0, machine learning
  • Episode 106: Post Lean with Frode Odegard

    January 18th, 2023  |  Season 3  |  43 mins 56 secs
    future of work, lean, lean manufacturing, machine behavior, manufacturing, post-industrial
  • Episode 105: Product Lifecycle Management's Momentum in Manufacturing with Jim Heppelmann

    December 7th, 2022  |  Season 3  |  46 mins 31 secs
    emissions, enterprise, greenhouse gasses, machinery, manufacturing, metaverse, plm, product lifecycle management, supply chain
  • Episode 104: A Scandinavian Perspective on Industrial Operator Independence with Johan Stahre

    November 30th, 2022  |  Season 3  |  44 mins 1 sec
    automation, factories of the future, human skills, human-centric, manufacturing, modern production systems, operations, production systems, robots, shop floor innovation, worker independence