Episode 111

Operator 4.0 with David Romero


April 5th, 2023

43 mins 31 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

Augmented reveals the stories behind the new era of industrial operations, where technology will restore the agility of frontline workers.

In this episode of the podcast, the topic is Operator 4.0. Our guest is David Romero, Professor of Advanced Manufacturing at Tecnológico de Monterrey University in Mexico. In this conversation, we talk about the emergence of a smart and skilled operator who is helped by cognitive and physical augmentation, how this trend emerged, and how it will shape the future where we need more resilience.

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Trond's Takeaway:

The operator is again at the center of the industrial process. This is a curious thing that seems to happen a few years after every major technological breakthrough or implementation once we realize how adaptable and capable a human workforce can be. That does not mean that technology is irrelevant but only that training humans to know every step of the work process is important in order to capture value by addressing and fixing errors and suggesting improvements.