Episode 45

The Startup Studio for Manufacturing


September 22nd, 2021

54 mins 13 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Augmented reveals the stories behind the new era of industrial operations, where technology will restore the agility of frontline workers. 

In episode 45 of the podcast (@AugmentedPod), the topic is: The Startup Studio for Manufacturing. Our guest is Renan Devillieres, CEO at OSS Ventures, who is based in Paris, France.

In this conversation, we talk about co-creating the software bricks manufacturers need to achieve autonomy, using a venture building strategy. We discuss exciting European digital manufacturing startups, how the Tesla way might be as influential as the Toyota production system, and much more. 

Augmented is a podcast for industry leaders and operators, hosted by futurist Trond Arne Undheim (@trondau), presented by Tulip.co, the frontline operations platform, and associated with MFG.works, the industrial upskilling community launched at the World Economic Forum. Each episode dives deep into a contemporary topic of concern across the industry and airs at 9 am US Eastern Time every Wednesday. Augmented--the industry 4.0 podcast--industrial conversations that matter.

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Trond's takeaway: Digital manufacturing is coming of age, both in the US and Europe and collaboration between corporations and startups has never been more intense. By combining the best of both worlds, industrial tech will make leaps forward, but the emerging system is still fragile.

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