Episode 14

Bottom up and Deep Digitization of Operations


April 21st, 2021

32 mins 41 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Augmented reveals the stories behind the new era of industrial operations, where technology will restore the agility of frontline workers. 

In episode 15 of the podcast (@AugmentedPod), the topic is: Bottom up and Deep Digitization of Operations. Our guest is Dr. Damir Hrnjadovic, Managing Director, DMG MORI Digital GmbH

In this conversation, we talk about How DMG MORI was able to digitize their operations in a matter of weeks, using Tulip software. Lean, nocode startups are transforming experiences for factory owners because its shopfloor solutions are so easy to implement. We discuss whether nocode actually means process engineers can become independent from the IT department. Damir confirms that DMG MORI power users are able to do that even though not every shopfloor operator will create a Tulip application. We discuss upskilling in the German Mittelstand of small-and medium size businesses and how Damir feels like a time traveler when he encounters paper based processes on the shop floor.

After listening to this episode, check out DMG MORI as well as Dr. Damir Hrnjadovic's social profile.

  • DMG MORI (@dmgmorieu): https://us.dmgmori.com/
  • Dr. Damir Hrnjadovic (@DamirHrnjadovic): https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-damir-hrnjadovic-3ba0485b/

Trond's takeaway: It is striking to hear about how Damir at times feels like a time traveler when encountering paper based operations at the shop floor, at other times, he can experience bottom up, deep digitalization in a matter of weeks. How can those to co-exist? Clearly shopfloor change is uneven at the moment, depending on whether you heard the right digital gospel and what the attitude of the IT department is to introducing changes that democratize IT.

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