Episode 120

Digital Manufacturing in Turkey and Beyond with Efe Erdem


August 9th, 2023

30 mins 23 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

Efe Erdem, Executive Director of the MEXT Technology Center takes us on a journey through Turkey's manufacturing landscape and its pivotal role in advancing digitalization across the MENA region. We delve into the motivation behind establishing the MEXT Technology Center, its unique approach in providing end-to-end services to manufacturers, and the impact of their initiatives on digital transformation in various sectors, including automotive, steel, and textiles.

Efe shares valuable insights on the importance of upskilling the workforce to drive innovation on the shop floor, and how technology can augment human capabilities leading to increased efficiency and productivity. As the region embraces sustainability, we discuss how digitalization becomes a critical enabler for achieving decarbonization goals and fostering growth in an increasingly competitive global market.

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