Nov. 17, 2021

Making Factories in Space

Making Factories in Space

In episode 34 of the podcast, the topic is: Factories in Space. Our guest is William Bruey (@WillBruey), CEO and co-founder at Varda Space Industries. 

In this conversation, we talk about: Why build a factory in space? How R&D from the International Space Station facilitated this new development. What space manufacturing will entail in the short term. What the benefits are likely to be in terms of manipulating the terrestrial physical constraints of crystallization and sedimentation. We discuss what the near immediate use cases are, such as better semiconductors and fiber optics. We cover the futuristic use cases including 3D printing human organs without scaffolding.

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Trond's takeaway: Factories in space are closer than we think, and the reason is that NASA and others have spent 20 years doing R&D at the International Space Station. All that work can now come to fruition, but not as within the constraints of that remote vessel, but autonomously by deriving the results and building an independent rocket, lab and reentry capability. How exciting is that? Will it expand industrial performance on earth in this decade? What will it mean for further space exploration in the next? Change is afoot, but science, and space, are still endless frontiers. That might be a good thing, or we might get cocky.

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William Bruey


Co-Founder and CEO of Varda Space Industries, Co-Founder and Partner of Also Capital, Mission Control Spacecraft Operator at SpaceX, Lead Avionics Hardware Development Engineer at SpaceX, Director of global equities technology at bank of America, Co-Founder of Second Order Effects.