Episode 22

Freedman's Factory: What is nocode?


July 5th, 2021

43 mins 7 secs

Season 1

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In episode 22 of the podcast (@AugmentedPod), the topic is: Freedman's Factory: What is nocode? Our guest is Mark Freedman, Lean Practice Leader at Tulip for our new segment, Freedman's Factory, which you will always recognize within other Augmented episodes because of especially groovy music. Freedman's Factory will take us deep into the shop floor philosophy of Kaizen, and with that, into the heart of manufacturing excellence

In this conversation, which is the first episode of the new segment we have called Freedman's factory, which takes us deep into the shop floor philosophy of Kaizen. We introduced this new segment a month ago. In this episode of Freedman's Factory, we talked about Nocode in manufacturing. What is it? What existed before? What’s the difference it makes?

After listening to this episode, check out Tulip's and Mark Freedman's profile on social media:

  • Tulip (@tulipinterfaces): https://tulip.co/ 
  • Mark Freedman: https://www.linkedin.com/in/markjfreedman/

Trond's takeaway: Nocode for industrial applications is something truly special. Building on what we have come to know from contemporary software applications that don't have a learning curve, industrial nocode attempts the same thing, but with software written for the physical world, which is immeasurably harder to do because production cannot go down and you don't get second chances. I learned from Mark Freedman, that Tulip's deeply humanistic approach to nocode is rooted in the shopfloor experience, in trying to reflect, but also question factory floor behavior. I am on a learning journey. I still want to understand more the discrete tasks and functions that digital nocode apps make flow so naturally--work instructions, machine monitoring and other things. As always, the depth in Freedman's message lies, it seems to me, in his insistence on experience before tools, understanding before action, and understanding people, and the reasons behind their current process, way before introducing any kind of technology as a tool to simplify their life.

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