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Enjoyed the Show!

Loved listening to Andy Burton as a guest. Really interesting how he’s grown his flower business. Best of luck to him going forward! Highly recommend this podcast. If you are interested, check out a manufacturing podcast I host — “The Right Direction Podcast” from Compass Precision.

Highly recommend!

What better way to keep up with the latest in the world of manufacturing than to hear directly from leaders and innovators shaping the industry. Love hearing Trond’s perspective on innovations in the space and predictions for where the industry is headed. You’re guaranteed to learn something new every episode - can’t recommend Augmented enough. 🙌

Enjoyed the Show!

Loved listening to Andy Burton as a guest. Really interesting how he’s grown his flower business. Best of luck to him going forward! Highly recommend this podcast. If you are interested, check out a manufacturing podcast I host — “The Right Direction Podcast” from Compass Precision.

Best One !!

This is truly amazing show and doing so good. Trond’s simply the best. I love that what you doing. Much appreciated !!

Very informative

Amazing guest, awesome discussion. Appreciated, Love you guys !!

Great resource for mfg innovation

Trond is a delight to listen to, he has interesting insights and challenges his interviewees. The focus on technology is also a fresh perspective. Definitely Looking forward for more episodes!

Best one!!

“This podcast is part of my morning routine, puts everything into perspective… thank you”

It’s a good pod!

Insightful & extremely thought through discussions. One of the best podcasts on tech, and a very unique blend of business and tech.

amazing show!

I randomly came across this podcast over a year ago and now it’s one of my favorites. It’s a comfortable and entertaining listen on topics that always seem to interest me.

Very good

Informative and very easy listening

Innovative and thought-provoking!

It’s great to be able to hear from unique perspectives each episode and to keep up to date with the industry’s future.

Highly recommend

This is a great podcast to stay up to date with all the latest trends and novel ideas taking place in the changing landscape of manufacturing!

The best of the best!

My favourite podcast hands down. Never ever fails to amaze me in terms of production, insight and entertainment. Great interview!!

Best podcast ever i have listened

Objectively the best podcast of all time. stop reading this review and just listen. Great one!!

One of my favourites

Funny, inspirational, motivational. It is easily the no.1 podcast in my playlist. Keep it up!!

Absolutely Love This podcast!

“I absolutely love this podcast! It’s how i start my day. This podcast has also helped me gain more confidence. This podcast has made me think deeper than i normally would. Thank you so much for your help!”

Big Fan

“Really love to listen to this podcast. Great way to hear about new lists”

Excellent show!

“Love this podcast. This Guy is an excellent interviewer and sets a wonderful tone to the discussion. Very informative and always very interesting.”

Quality interviews & information

Great Industry 4.0 insights & ideas from all things IIoT and manufacturing 🧑‍🏭

A Quality Podcast.

“10/10 would recommend for anyone looking to improve and work on themselves.”

Love it

“I’ve been a fan of these guys. I don’t know why it took me so long to find this!” Love you guys.

High production value with Excellent content

“This is probably my favourite podcast. It always hits the important notes and manages to guide and inspire. Keep going !”

Love this show!

Thanks so much for sharing this! This is really amazing. Awesome podcast!!

Super Insightful

A great listen for anyone wants to catch up on all things Industry 4.0 , digital transformation and empowering the front line workers by building robust augmented tools.

Insightful, a great listen

Been awaiting the launch of this podcast - it does not disappoint. Eager to hear the next episodes!

Real perspectives on manufacturing and innovation

So much of the content out there on Industry 4.0 is corporate drivel. This podcast is not part of that mess. The host does a great job finding guests who are doing super interesting stuff in manufacturing and operations, and is one of the rare interviewers these days who can actually, you know, let their guest talk. I came for the episode on training, stayed for everything else. Great listen, subscribed.

Great I4.0 Insights

Really great conversations for topics that are extremely important to many of the largest job forces in the world. Excited to hear more perspectives from industry leading experts - the first few episodes have been excellent!!

Caught my ear!

Surprised it was relevant outside of manufacturing. Great insights to any industry.

Best tech podcast

Amazing podcast!

One to check out!

Insightful podcast on digital manufacturing and operations. Can’t wait for the next episode!!

Good insights on digitizing manufacturing

Great content, very insightful.

Great IoT topic

Cool insights

Awesome podcast

Super insightful, really learned a lot from it

A great new approach!

Finally a podcast with innovative ideas for manufacturers of all kind! Love it

Intriguing discussion

Great insights on the rapidly changing face of the workplace. Looking forward to more perspectives. A good investment of time to understand how the future is shaping up.

The podcast for I4.0

I am really enjoying this podcast. Lots of great insight about manufacturing, industrial technology and the connection between man and machine. Trond always has really great guests and engaging conversations. Looking forward to learning more with each ep!

A must listen for Industrial Ops!

Great podcast to hear about the changes in the industrial automation space. The best is yet to come!

A needed conversation around the future of manufacturing

Refreshing perspective and a great host, recommend for anyone involved in building the future of manufacturing.

Great insight

Great insight on the intersection of humans and manufacturing.

A long overdue perspective

Great podcast with insightful and relevant commentary from industry leaders about the realities of adopting I4.0 technologies. Highly recommend!

Insight into the future of manufacturing

Awesome insight in the first few episodes! Excited to see the guests coming up next

A must-listen for industrial operations leaders

Never have these topics been more important… The industrial world has been prioritizing digitization but with COVID19 they were pushed over the cliff, forced to adapt to a digital remote-first world… the future of work on the frontline of industries is rapidly changing and it is interesting to hear this fresh perspective on what its going to take for companies and the people that power them to move ahead, evolve and thrive …

Bring on Industry 4.0

This is awesome! Each episode really takes each issue in industry head-on. Tulip is very much poised to disrupt the current state of industry and bring frontline workers into Industry 4.0.

Fascinating podcast

Covers a topic that doesn't get much attention: putting advanced technology in the hands of humans in manufacturing and life sciences, rather than simply replacing humans with technology. Trond is a great host and manages engaging discussions.

Finally stories from the trenches of Industry 4.0

Finally we have a podcast that is set to tell the story of the industry right.. Industry 4.0 has been a propaganda topic for too long and this podcast brings out the stories right from the trenches of digital transformation, by the people who actually do it.. looking forward to the next episodes

Great insights from the frontlines…

I love hearing real world examples from people who are living some tough challenges in operations. I haven’t found another podcast with the same insights and I’m looking forward to more episodes!

Long time follower, pumped for this podcast

I’v been following Trond since he wrote "Pandemic Aftermath”. I am really excited that he is covering Industry 4.0 alongside his other ventures. Looking forward to many more episodes!

Very Insightful Podcast

This is a great podcast, highly recommended. The insights shared in this podcast cannot be found elswhere. Looking forward to listening to future podcasts!!

Great Podcast!!

Augmented provides great insights on all things related to Industry 4.0. Highly recommend to anyone interested in staying up-to-date on digital transformation in the industrial operations space!

New voices and perspectives on i4.0

Appreciate the depth here - less of a focus on buzzwords and generalities. There are a lot of new voices in here, doesn’t feel like a rehash of other pods. Easy listen.

Great insight!

A nice perspective on I4.0 topics. Looking forward to more episodes!! Keep up the great conversations!

Great resource for mfg innovation

Trond is a delight to listen to, he has interesting insights and challenges his interviewees. Definitely Looking forward for more episodes!


Super interesting. Worth the time.


!Great idea!

Interesting Take on Manufacturing Automation!

Great perspective on industrial operation’s move to automation from the head of Tulip. Excited for next episode next week!

Great podcast!

I really enjoy this podcast. Each episode includes engaging conversations and insightful takeaways!

Profesional insight

This podcast provides a much needed insight on the game changing technology with significant impact on the efficiency of manufacturing operations’ frontline workers. It’s worth your time

Insightful and actionable

Love how it combines a futuristic view with practical examples


Absolutely loving this podcast! So insightful :)

The future is here!

Really interesting take on Industry 4.0 and how it will change how we work! One of the best podcasts I’ve heard on the subject.


Great podcast that comes to fill a void

Very insightful and interesting!

Really enjoying this podcast and definitely learning a lot. Thank you!

Best podcast on industrial operations 🏭

Insightful interviews with some impressive guests on industry 4.0 and digital manufacturing trends. Great to see a podcast that covers these themes and gives a voice to the leaders changing the way we make things. Highly recommended!!!

Finally...a club I want to be in!!

Look forward to this podcast every week. Thank goodness you aren’t going off the air.

So fun

I love these people and I respect the hard work they put into this. Thanks!


Like it!

I get the best laughs from this show

Aside from being very informative these guys are hilarious and the constant banter between is too funny. These guys are the impractical jokers of podcasting. Bryon! Hitmonchan has the gloves not machop! Haha

Fun and Helpful!

Love listening to the podcast! Hosts are funny and have great chemistry. And they share some really interesting information and tips. Thanks!

Great Podcast

I look forward to this podcast every week. Keep up the good work guys!

Love it!

Love it!

Super Fun

Concise, fun and loaded with helpful tips. Its great!