Feb. 2, 2021

Introducing the Augmented podcast

Introducing the Augmented podcast

Welcome to the Augmented podcast! Augmented reveals the stories behind the new era of industrial operations, where technology will restore the agility of frontline workers. 

In this introduction, we introduce you to a few of the topics and some of the thought leaders featured in season one of this podcast, including small clips from upcoming episodes with Etienne Lacroix, CEO of Vention, Elisa Roth, Industrial Researcher at the University of Cambridge, Natan Linder, CEO of Tulip, Kel Guerin, CIO and co-founder of Ready Robotics, and Youri Regnaud, Business Capability manager for precision manufacturing at the luxury goods conglomerate and  artisan watchmaker Cartier. Technology is changing rapidly. What’s next in the digital factory? Who is leading the change? What are the key skills to learn? How to stay up to date on manufacturing and industry 4.0? 

Augmented is a podcast for leaders, hosted by futurist Trond Arne Undheim, presented by Tulip.co, the manufacturing app platform, and associated with MFG.works, the manufacturing upskilling community launched at the World Economic Forum. Each episode dives deep into a contemporary topic of concern across the industry and airs at 9 am US Eastern Time every Wednesday. Augmented--the industry 4.0 podcast.


Trond Arne Undheim, host: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Augmented podcast. Here's Etienne Lacroix, founder and CEO of the Canadian automation company, Vention.

[00:00:09] Etienne Lacroix, CEO, Vention: [00:00:09] In 2014 or so when we realized that you can actually do engineering grade 3D in the browser, that means that this entire workflow is true. It's this, you know, it's this little web library called web GL, which is basically a 3D render library, but it enabled us to do engineering grade 3D in the browser.

[00:00:29] Trond Arne Undheim, host: [00:00:29] Augmented. Reveals the stories behind the new era of industrial operations, where technology will restore the agility of frontline workers. Here's Elisa Roth, industrial researcher at the University of Cambridge in the UK.

[00:00:44] Elisa Roth, U of Cambridge: [00:00:44] We have the chance to not only replace or supplement human abilities, but even exceed natural human abilities.

[00:00:53] Trond Arne Undheim, host: [00:00:53] Augmented is a podcast for leaders hosted by futurist Trond Arne Undheim,  presented by Tulip.co the manufacturing app platform, Natan Linder, CEO, and co-founder

[00:01:06] Natan Linder, CEO & co-founder, Tulip: [00:01:06] When you go to those operational environments where humans are there and they're doing what we call frontline work, whether they're assembling a product tending to machines, driving a warehouse, all that kind of stuff, the internet as you and I know it, it doesn't exist in a way that is routinely available in and meets the dynamic nature of operations. The first sort of 30 years of digital transformation. Like if you think PC modern operators, modern operating systems, internet, here we are like, where did it go? It went to backend systems for your HR, finance, marketing, and sales ERP, and so on.

[00:01:42] And why did it not arrive at operations? The way we see it in other places? It's because it's hard. Okay.

[00:01:48] Trond Arne Undheim, host: [00:01:48] Augmented is associated with Mfg.works, the manufacturing upskilling community launched at the World Economic Forum.

[00:01:58] Kyle Guerin, co-founder and chief innovation officer at Ready Robotics:

[00:02:03] Kel Guerin, Chief Innovation Officer & co-founder, Ready Robotics: [00:02:03] For a space that doesn't seem like it's standardized. It has a lot of standards. The goal of, Forge is not to standardize all that because the standard is there it's to abstract it. Right? So that the person who can, is capable of building a robotics work cell, the population of people who are capable of building robotic work cell grows from somebody who's been doing this for 10 years and is, you know, formally trained as a controls engineer to a guy who right now is writing an app for an iPhone 

[00:02:32] Trond Arne Undheim, host: [00:02:32] Technology is changing rapidly. What's next in the digital factory, who's leading the charge? What are the key skills to learn?

[00:02:41] How to stay up-to-date for manufacturing and industry? Here is Youri Regnaud, Business capabilities manager at Cartier.

[00:02:50] Youri Regnaud, Business Capabilities Manager, Cartier: [00:02:50] I think it's small change the process as a way to build watches, but we have make a lot of progress in the manufacturing and the supply chain: reduce lot size, accelerate the flow, less inventory, more and more synchronized with the real demand of the market, of the customer.

[00:03:11] Trond Arne Undheim, host: [00:03:11] Each episode dives deep into a contemporary topic of concern across the industry and airs at 9:00 AM us Eastern time, every Wednesday. Augmented--the industry 4.0 podcast.


Elisa Roth Profile Photo

Elisa Roth

Industrial Researcher, The Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge

A doctoral student at the Institute for Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge in the UK, a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum, Elisa has a degree in industrial engineering from Technische Universität Darmstadt. Her PhD research focusses on the impact of intelligent worker support systems in cyber-physical production systems. She has previously contributed to publications in the field of machine learning in business informatics.
- She has been involved in technology consulting, product innovation and business development functions in corporations, start-ups and SMEs, including McKinsey&Company, STABILO, MWH Global, and Hafner. Moreover, she has been active with Engineers without Borders leading a water infrastructure and microfinance project in Kenya. She is a scholar of the Foundation of German Business (sdw) and recently received the "Next Generation Women Leaders Award" by McKinsey&Company.

Natan Linder Profile Photo

Natan Linder

Co-founder & CEO, Tulip; Co-founder & Chairman, Formlabs

Natan Linder is co-founder and CEO of manufacturing technology company, Tulip, and co-founder and chairman of Formlabs, the pioneer and industry leader in professional desktop 3D printing. Linder holds a PhD from MIT Media Lab's Fluid Interfaces Group and a S.M. in Media Arts and Sciences from MIT.

Etienne Lacroix Profile Photo

Etienne Lacroix

CEO & Founder, Vention

Etienne is a business leader and entrepreneur building and turning around engineering-intensive businesses. He is the founder and CEO of Vention, a software and hardware platform that enables manufacturing professionals to automate their production in just a few days.

Before Vention, he spent five years at McKinsey & Company as an Associate Principal with the Operations and Product Development Practices. In this role, he led enterprise-wide strategic, operational, and turnaround programs at global industrial and high-tech companies. Before joining McKinsey, he held various positions in product management, product development, and supply chain at General Electric as part of the Technical Leadership Program.

He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a BA in mechanical engineering from the École de Technologie Supérieure.

Kel Guerin Profile Photo

Kel Guerin

Chief Innovation Officer, Ready Robotics

Builder, Ph.D. Roboticist, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at READY Robotics, with more than ten years of experience in robotics, automation, and virtual reality. Kel is an expert in Human-Robot Interaction, usability, and user interface design for robots.