Nov. 22, 2021

How 5G Enables Manufacturing

How 5G Enables Manufacturing

In episode 69 of the podcast, the topic is: How 5G Enables Manufacturing. Our guests are Rowan Högman, Head of 5G Industry Collaboration, Ericsson (@twitter) and Jeff Travers, Customer Success Lead - Dedicated Networks, Ericsson.

In this conversation, we talk about a new Ericsson report on how 5G Enables Manufacturing (Ericsson Industry Lab). We explore some surprising findings, discuss industry trends, as well as the current and future use cases as wireless networks take another step towards being trusted on the shop floor and they muse on the ultimate impact of 5G.  

Augmented is a podcast for industrial leaders, process engineers and shop floor operators, hosted by futurist Trond Arne Undheim (@trondau), presented by Tulip (@tulipinterfaces), the frontline operations platform.

Trond's takeaway 

5G isn't just another generation wireless networks, it is a game changer for trust, reliability, and industrial performance at the edge, that last mile which fixed broadband has struggled with. What remains to be seen is how widespread the rollout will be and, of course, how innovative industry will be in making use of the new network.

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Rowan Högman Profile Photo

Rowan Högman

Head of 5G Industry Collaborations

Rowan is a leader within international marketing, sales and research roles in the ICT industry. His expertise includes defining winning marketing and business strategies and implementing them utilizing the full potential of the marketing and sales team and the full blend of marketing and PR tools. Rowan is an industrial economy graduate of KTH in Sweden.

Jeff Travers Profile Photo

Jeff Travers

Customer Success Lead - Dedicated Networks, Ericsson

Jeff is a 5G, Private Networks and IOT Executive with a track record in the information technology industry. Skilled in Private Networks for Enterprises, 5G/ LTE, IOT and Digital Transformation and new business development and leading major account Sales and Customer Relationships. Country Manager and Leader of teams/large units. Operated in a diverse multicultural and complex environments with high integrity and compliance. Graduated from London School of Economics and IMD Business School.