Rob Rastovich

CTO of ThingLogix

Rob Rastovich has been actively involved in technology for nearly 30 years, from building a top 10 e-commerce site in a time when e-commerce was still in its infancy to establishing what is now known as Amazon’s AWS IoT.

Rob is probably the only CTO that also runs a working cattle ranch in central Oregon, but he is equally comfortable developing cloud applications as he is feeding cattle. Rob brings a unique flavor of passion and logic in his cyber and ranching duties, often fusing the two. He is also a 15-year veteran of’s consulting and has architected solutions for large and small companies such as NetApp, Dolby Labs, Qualsy Security, Rubric, BNSF, Solar City, and so many more.

As CTO of ThingLogix, Rob is the chief architect behind the company’s groundbreaking IoT platform that eliminates the need for code. He also built up the company’s back-to-work tracking system, WorkWatch, and ThingLogix incoming SMS marketing tool, Chirpley.

With Rob as CTO, ThingLogix was awarded the 2018 IoT Platforms Leadership Award and has become an advanced tier technology partner for Amazon Web Services.

Nov. 3, 2021

No-code for IoT in the Cloud

In episode 44 of the podcast, the topic is: No-code for IoT in the Cloud. Our guest is Rob Rastovich, CTO of ThingLogix (@ThingLo…

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