Matt is a Canadian-born tech entrepreneur who founded ZeroKey, an IIoT hardware startup. Formerly, Matt worked as the head of IT (North American subsidiaries) of Wilo, a major manufacturing company with global revenue of over $2 billion USD. Prior to working at Wilo, Matt operated a successful consultancy focused on product development for major companies in the tech industry. Over the course of a 15+ year career in tech, Matt has contributed to several mega projects including Linux and Arduino. Linux is used by over 2 billion devices worldwide including all Android smartphones, and Arduino is the world-leading hardware prototyping platform. As the original inventor behind ZeroKey, Matt has taken a back-of-the-napkin idea and scaled a successful business around it to the current size of 30 employees. Matt’s original concept for ZeroKey’s technology has now spawned over 22 patents filed across the globe and is active use at 6 of the top 10 global automotive OEM’s.

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