Dr. Jörg Gnamm is the leader of Bain & Company’s Europe, Middle East and Africa Performance Improvement practice. He is also a member of their Manufacturing and Automotive practices.

He has extensive experiences in the automotive industry as well as in the areas of machinery, plant engineering, and industrial production.

Jörg's consulting activities focus on cross-industry optimization of production and supply chains, including Digital Operations and Industry 4.0, as well as comprehensive performance improvement and transformation programs.

Furthermore, Jörg is responsible for Bain & Company’s performance improvement partnerships within the Bain Alliance Ecosystem, such as the global partnership with Bosch Connected Industry.

Jörg studied engineering in both Germany and London. He subsequently went on to develop the concept of the "Fractal Plant" for the Fraunhofer Institute and implemented this on a practical basis in industrial projects.

In tandem, he earned his doctorate in business administration.

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